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Maid Services

Too tired at the end of the day to vacuum? Sick of spending your weekends scrubbing the bathroom? Ready to free yourself from the endless monotony of cleaning chores? Call MBM Cleaning today to set up regular maid service for your home. Let us do the scrubbing and cleaning so you can enjoy your free time! After all, life’s too short to clean your own home.

MBM Cleaning - maid vacuumingMBM Cleaning provides housekeeping and maid service throughout the Cleveland region. Available for both one-time and routine cleaning services, our professionals can help free you from the constant chores of dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing. At MBM Cleaning, we provide all cleaning products and equipment for your convenience. And, our housekeepers are all trained cleaning professionals, so you can trust MBM Cleaning to provide a safe, thorough cleaning job!

Our maid services are available weekly or bi-weekly to suit your schedule and needs. At MBM Cleaning, we work with you to assess your specific cleaning needs and then create a customized plan designed to suit your home and your particular needs. Our trained housekeepers will provide a complete, meticulous housecleaning following your personalized cleaning plan, ensuring you get the maid service that's right for you. Tackling all areas of your home from bathrooms and bedrooms to living spaces and the kitchen, we'll your entire home sparklingly clean and keep it that way. Unlike maid services that just do a surface clean, our MBM Cleaning is committed to doing the job right go get your house clean from top to bottom.

To give you an idea of how your home will shine, here’s the list of cleaning tasks our housekeepers can perform. But don't forget, with the MBM Cleaning customized maid service option, we'll create a plan that's designed for your needs--so please ask if you don't see a desired cleaning chore listed below!


Kitchen and Eating Areas

Sleeping and Living Areas

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